Company formation uk
Location: London - England - United Kingdom
Address: Suit 6- Westward House, Glebeland Road Camberley Surrey, GU15 3DB, United Kingdom
Date Posted: 20 de Abril
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We offer the services of a Company Secretary who will prepare shareholders agreements, change memorandum articles, appoint new Company Directors and Secretaries and all correspondence with Companies House. Fee Protection
We are able to offer our new CCH Fee Protection Services which will give you peace of mind if you should have an HMRC enquiry. Once you have entered into a formation service request form, and provided that your Company doesn’t found registered, you can contact us through our website or email address listed on our site, or by phone at listed on our web site to ask him to withdraw his request for services. Management and delivery will be assessed at less than £10, or the cost of the product or service, to cover the discount rates and other incidental expenses ("in charge of the administration"). Where the Company was presented to the Companies House, we can not return the money to the Services or in respect of parts of the deal, including services. Refunds will be offered by any of the additional products and services that have been acquired through the site, and are subject to management fees, if purchased separately from any agreement, which was let us know within two weeks of purchase was done, we or a third party subcontracted by us do not start working on the supply of such products or services. In the case of act as a Company accountant and the service already started, there is a minimum period of one year to complete the contract of assignment. But you can inform in 2 months notice period, in such cases we will not renew the service in future.